Inspired by the current climate emergency, UGM-3 is an artist's interpretation of what invisible gases could look like if we could see them with the naked eye

Each image resembles a stage of the degrading environment.

All the images were shot in Portsmouth to contrast the idea of sea air being good for your health and breathing, yet due to heavy industry, the city is very polluted. The images touch about the man vs nature argument by capturing both elements in the frames.

I wanted a human element of people going about their ‘everyday’ as this was important to show how we are unaware of the reality of our surroundings.

Thank you for sharing this project with us Tamara, would you mind sharing with us some of the processes during the project which brought you to achieve the final outcome? 

A few processes went into creating these images. I shot all the images on colour 35mm which I developed and scanned in. To create the manipulation, I produced chemigrams, the interesting aspect of this is that you never know how it’s going to turn out which helps to create unique pieces of work.


I’m currently in my 2nd year studying a BA (Hons) in Photography at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. I work with both digital and analogue mediums and I create bodies of work surrounding political themes, of which are often influenced by news articles and current affairs.

More recently, my work has been influenced by the Climate Emergency (such as this project).

More photography from Tamara Lawrence can be found online

Instagram: @tbl_photography

Twitter: @tamarablawrence