"Tom Hutton’s project consists of a photo series and 15-minute film using still and (very slightly) moving images to illustrate a period in the life of Marie-France Saurat.

As a writer, and later Editor-in-Chief, at Paris Match Magazine (1964-1996) she was instrumental in bringing art criticism to a global audience of over one million readers per month. In the film, she narrates key points in her life, including her marriage to the war photographer and film-maker Jean-Pierre Moscardo, the subject of Tom’s dissertation.

Now living in Majorca, the photographs capture her writer’s environment: the library, the archive and the tranquillity of the ‘Finca’.

The title ‘A Dali on My Car’ parallels the end of the film. She reflects both on the transience of a drawing Salvador Dali drew in the dust on her dirty car, and how she wishes not to be remembered but ‘...burned to ashes and thrown into the Mediterranean’."

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